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Our state of the art ozone lab testing facility is built to handle any request. We are able to perform ozone exposure testing on solids, liquids, and gases of all kinds. Our lab is also built to service customers with a need for water quality analyses such as BOD, COD, TDS, iron, manganese, chloride, pH, bromide, sulfate, sulfide, etc.
Aflatoxin, vomitoxin and Fumonisin testing on grains is another service which Ozone Solutions' lab provides for the agricultural society.

We are committed to developing new and innovative processes for ozone technology. If you are unsure about the practice of a particular application, we will do all the testing required to verify if ozone is the answer for your problems.

Ozone Solutions will help you determine the most precise dose of ozone for your application. By working together, we can prevent the over-sizing of systems, while providing enough ozone residual for your process.


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If you are needing to test grains or similar for the 3 tests listed below, we request of you that the samples need to be 100 gram or about a quarter pound. Please make sure that the sample is a true representative of the whole grain. Also, collect samples from several locations because it provides us a more accurate representation of the product.

1. Vomitoxin or deoxynivalenol (DON):
The Vomitoxin test uses monoclonal antibodies to detect and measure the DON in grain/feed at levels from 0.20 to 10 PPM. The test is based extracting the toxin to then provide an accurate estimate of how much toxin was in the Wheat, Corn and Barley.

Vomitoxin Chemical Structure

2. Aflatoxin:
The Aflatoxin test utilizes monoclonal antibodies to accurately detect and measure the total aflatoxins, (B1, B2, G1, and G2) at levels from 2 - 100 PPB.

Aflatoxin Chemical Structure

3. Fumonisin:
The Fumonisin test uses monoclonal antibodies to accurately detect and measure the total fumonisin (B1, B2, and B3) at levels from 0.2 - 10 PPM.

Fumonisin Chemical Structure


Ozone Solutions is capable of performing the following analysis in water and waste water samples:

Water Quality Tests
Alkalinity,Aluminum,Ammonium,Ammonia,Arsenic T,BOD,Boron,Bromine
Calcium,Cadmium,Chloride,Chlorine,Chlorine Dioxide,Chromate,Conductivity,COD
Copper,Cyanide,Dissolved Oxygen,Formaldehyde,Fluoride,Gold,Hardness,Hydrogen Peroxide
Nickel,Nitrate,Nitrogen (Total),Ozone,pH,Potassium,Phenol,Phosphate
Silica,Sulfate,Sulfite, Sulfide,Tin,TDS,TOC,Zinc


1. Gas Phase Ozone Exposure Test:
Ozone Solutions offers ozone exposure testing for a variety of applications, including custom scenarios. The testing can determine how compatible the material is with Ozone gas. We can also simulate an accelerated aging process with the presence of Ozone gas. We can adjust the internal climate conditions of the testing cabinet as requested for the various testing periods.

The concentration of the Ozone gas is regulated as requested via an UV ozone analyzer, thus ensuring a stable ozone environment throughout the performed tests. Standard test levels range from 0.1 - 1000 PPM. Ranges higher than 1000 PPM can be arranged as requested.

The length of each test can be short-term (minutes) or long-term (days or months) to fit your needs.

Since each ozone exposure test can be unique, pricing will be determined by your requests.

We have performed ozone accelerated aging tests according to the following standards:
ASTM,ASTM D1149-07,ASTM D1149-99,ASTM D518,ASTM D380,EN (European Std),Healthcare Industry,MIL
MIL-STD-202G,MIL-STD-1344,SAE,SAE J1455,SAE J517,SAE J1401,Transportation Industry

2. Liquid Phase Ozone Exposure test:
For this type of testing, the samples will be exposed to aqueous or water entrained with ozone. Samples can be in liquid or solid format. We are very capable of customizing tests for your needs.

Examples of previous tests
All Grains,Beef,Fruits,Pet Foods,Pork
Poultry,Process Water,Seafood,Vegetables


Since we already listed Grain, Water, Food, and Ozone Exposure testing capabilities, what we did not yet mention is that we can test/treat odor issues on materials, or reduce/remove color. If you need some form of efficiency testing,we can do that as well!

For a lot of the subject matter listed on this web page, we either have experience with it, (Having conducted those tests) or have the regulatory parameters by which to conduct the testing.

In case we missed something on this web page, read more on Ozone Exposure Testing and find more information about our Lab Testing

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