Remove / Stop Google’s In-Page Analytics

When using Google’s “In-Page” analytics feature for, I have found that it is hard to make it go away later. Each time I visit the website after using in-page analytics, the unwanted in-page analytics menus and tools appear. Worse yet, when I click the “close” button in the top right corner, I am redirected away from my website to the Google Analytics one. Even signing out of Google Analytics doesn’t seem to help – talk about annoying!

Apparently, Google sets a cookie called “GASO” that triggers the in-page analytics. I got rid of the in-page analytics by deleting this cookie. Here’s how it’s done:

Firefox 5

In FireFox 5 go to Options -> Privacy Tab -> remove individual cookies -> Type GASO in the Search box. Then click the cookie and click the “Remove Cookie” button.

Google Chrome

I use Google Chrome 12. Click the wrench icon -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Content Settings -> All cookies and site data… -> search for GASO -> click the cookie -> click “Remove”

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  1. daniel says:

    I was having problems with Firefox continually refreshing pages every 2 minutes or so. Removing this cookie fixed the problem.

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