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Molecular-Sieve: Zeolite

Replacement material for Industrial Oxygen Concentrators



  • Easy to replace material
  • Keeps your Oxygen Concentrator in prime condition
  • Used for replacing bad zeolite in Industrial Oxgygen Concentrator towers

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Oxygen Concentrators can be paired with an Ozone Generators for prime ozone production! The Molecular Sieve inside the Oxygen Concentrator towers (sieve beds) will need to be replaced if there is a white powder visible in the machine or if there are high air pressure levels. Contamination of the Sieve can be caused by moisture in the air and the filters prior to the Oxygen Concentrator not functioning.


Weight 1 lbs (0.45 kg)
= 4.448222 N
= 1 lb
= 0.453592 kg
= 453.59237 g
= 453,592.37 mg
= 16 oz
Works With AS-A, AS-B, AS-D, AS-E, OG-100, OG-175, OG-25, OG-250, OG-375, OG-50, OG-500, OG-650, OG-750

Last Updated: November 25, 2013

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