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Dryer-Valves-Asco: Air Dryer Solenoid Valve Kit

Asco Air Dryer Valves 182-706



  • Replacement air dryer solenoid valves - Asco 182-706
  • Valves for "old style" Pure-Gas Air Dryer
  • These valves use a threaded nut to hold the solenoid in place
  • Hess Part # 02290

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Asco Valve Kit $444.16
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Asco Valves 182-706 - Pure-Gas Air Dryer


Replacement solenoid valves for the "old style" Pure-Gas Air Dryer used on your Hess Ozone Generator. These are the Asco Valve assembly. Each Air Dryer has 2 of these valves to purge the dryer.

To determine what air dryer you have:
- The Asco valves (old-style) use a threaded nut to hold the solenoid in place.
- The Skinner valves (new-style) use a large clip to hold the solenoid valve in place.
Look in the bottom of the dryer to view these valves and the type of valve you have.

Each air dryer size uses the same valves, so no matter how large of tubes your dryer uses the same valves are used for purging.


Weight 2 lbs (0.91 kg)
= 8.896443 N
= 2 lb
= 0.907185 kg
= 907.18474 g
= 907,184.74 mg
= 32 oz
Works With H-25, H-50, L-100, L-200, L-300, L-400

How It Works

The diagram shows all the parts and pieces of the Air-Cooled Dielectric Assembly for the Hess Ozone Generators.

Last Updated: November 19, 2012

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