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Dielectric-Spacers: Dielectric Spacers

Dielectric Spacer for Hess Dielectric



  • Dielectric Spacer for the Dielectric Assembly
  • Stainless steel dielectric spacer for all Hess Ozone Generators
  • Spacers sold and priced for 1-spacer
  • 3 spacers are required for each dielectric
  • Hess Part # 04070

(See Full Specifications)

Dielectric Spacers $3.62
Stock: In Stock
Hess Part # 04070


This product is a replacement dielectric spacer for Hess Machine ozone generators. The same spacer is used in all Hess ozone generators, as each dielectric is the same diameter. 3 spacers should be used for each dielectric.
The length of the spacer is approximately 8.75 inches.

These spacers are also exact replacements for all Welsbach ozone generators


Weight 0.16 ounces (4.54 grams)
= 0.044482 N
= 0.01 lb
= 0.004536 kg
= 4.535924 g
= 4,535.9237 mg
= 0.16 oz
Works With L-100, L-200, L-300, L-400

How It Works

The diagram shows all the parts and pieces of the Air-Cooled Dielectric Assembly for the Hess Ozone Generators.

Last Updated: September 23, 2014

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