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Cooling-Water-Valve: Soleniod Valve

Cooling water valve for Hess Ozone Generators



  • Cooling Water Valve for Hess Ozone Generators
  • Replacement Solenoid Valve for all water cooled Hess Ozone Generators
  • Hess Part #03330

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Cooling Water Solenoid Valve $78.23
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Cooling Water Solenoid valve


This replacement solenoid valve is used in the cooling water line on the H-50, L-100, L-200, L-300, and L-400 Ozone Generators.


Weight 2 lbs (0.91 kg)
= 8.896443 N
= 2 lb
= 0.907185 kg
= 907.18474 g
= 907,184.74 mg
= 32 oz
Works With H-50, L-100, L-200, L-300, L-400

How It Works

The diagram shows all the parts and pieces of the Air-Cooled Dielectric Assembly for the Hess Ozone Generators.

Last Updated: July 28, 2014

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