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I-2019: Dissolved Ozone Meter

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I-2019 Kit $399.00
Stock: In Stock
K-7423 $31.44
Stock: In Stock
Refill kit of ampoules include 30 individual Vacu-Vial® ampoules, activator solution, and 25 ml sample cup.
A-7400 $2.05
Stock: In Stock
Activator Solution (will last for 60 ampoules)


This dissolved ozone meter measures ozone levels up to 5.0 PPM. The meter is a cost effective photometric reader for dissolved ozone measurements. Accurate, safe, and fast ozone measurement is possible with this device.

For even higher dissolved ozone levels, the sample can be diluted to measure ozone levels up to 25 ppm with relative accuracy.


Range 0.2 - 5 ppm (200 - 5000 ppb)
Accuracy +/- 10% error at 3.75 ppm, or 3.37-4.13 ppm
+/- 20% error at 1.25 ppm, or 1.00-1.50 ppm
+/- 30% error at 0.20 ppm, or 0.14-0.26 ppm
Resolution 0.01 ppm (10 ppb)
Min Detect Limit 0.2 ppm (200 ppb)
Display Units ppm
Response Time 1 minute
Detection Method DPD
Display Digital
Temperature Range 41 to 104°F (5 to 40°C)
Has Battery yes 4 AAA Alkaline - included
Dimensions 11 x 2.8 x 2.3 inches (27.9 x 7 x 5.7 cm)
Weight 0.49 lbs (0.22 kg)
= 2.168508 N
= 0.4875 lb
= 0.221126 kg
= 221.12628 g
= 221,126.279616 mg
= 7.8 oz
Supporting Documents Manual & Saftey Data Sheets
Warranty 1 Years
Relays 0


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my test giving me a "Low" message
  2. Is there a bottled calibration solution available for this monitor?
  3. How often does this monitor require calibration?
  4. How long does the internal battery last?
  5. What smart phones or devices are compatible?
  1. Why is my test giving me a "Low" message

    This message indicates that the ozone reading turned out negative compared to its Zero reference. Ensure two things:

    1) Ensure the ampoule is properly seated in the I-2019. Ampoules require gentle pressure when inserted into the device.

    2) Ensure that the Zero ampoule is used to zero the device every time it is powered up. The device must be zeroed, as per the Operator Instructions, whenever it is turned on.

  2. Is there a bottled calibration solution available for this monitor?

    Due to the nature of ozone, there is currently no bottled calibration solution available to calibrate dissolved ozone monitors. Instead, calibration is possible by comparison to a chemical ozone test kit such as the K-7404. The ozone level indicated by the monitor needs to be adjusted to the level indicated by the test kit. A standalone test environment may be necessary to ensure accurate results. For procedural details, contact our support staff.

  3. How long does the internal battery last?

    1 year

How It Works

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