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A14-A11: Remote Ozone Monitor and Controller

Cadillac of Ozone Sensing


  • Monitors and controls ozone equipment
  • Remote sensor (up to 1000 ft of cable)
  • Multi-Channel Systems also available (read on for details)
  • Can include sensors / receivers for other ranges and gases in a single enclosure
  • Consider: Wall-Mount. Range: Multiple. Display: LCD. Alarm: Yes. Outputs: Multiple.

(See Full Specifications)

A14-A11 $1,300.00
Lead Time: 3 weeks

Buy Options:

Choose Number of Sensors

Channel Options: (More Info)


Auto-Test Generator Options
add Strobe (Red, 12V) for $125.00 (More Info)
add A14-A11 Calibration Kit for $1,739.80 (More Info)


The A14-A11 (formerly O-14P) ozone monitor is the "Cadillac" of ozone control. A remote sensor/transmitter allows ozone measurements in locations separate from the display. The display provides real-time ozone readings. Three adjustable relay outputs carry up to 10A each. 4-20mA signal included!

Multi-Channel Capable!
The A14-A11 Multi channel configurations are available through the drop down boxes above. Multi-channel units with 1 through 9 channels can be selected. Multi channel configurations , allowing you to quickly and easily monitor ozone levels in various areas with one control panel. Call ((712) 439-6880) or e-mail us ( for further details!

Auto-Test Generator Accessory
The A14-A11 is available with an optional Auto-Test Ozone Generator that mounts on the sensor, testing ozone response daily. If the sensor fails to respond to ozone, the user will be alerted to the failure - preventing accidental ozone exposure due to aged or failed ozone sensors. When selecting this option use the drop down box to select the option that matches the channel option you choose.

Sensor Range
A14-A11 come standard with a 0 to 2 PPM sensor transmitter (0-20 PPM available.) To order the A14-A11 in one of these configurations Call ((712) 439-6880) or e-mail us ( for further details !

Monitor Quick Comparison:
Portable: No
Range: Multiple
Display: LCD
Alarm: Yes
Outputs: Multiple
Datalogging: No
Indoor/outdoor: Indoor

Optional AccessoriesDescription
Auto-Test Generator OptionsAuto-Test generators available per channel.
Strobe (Red, 12V)A visual strobe alarm when ozone concetrations reach a specific set point.
A14-A11 Calibration KitUse the A-23-14 Calibration Kit to calibrate your sensor


Range 0 - 2 ppm (0 - 2000 ppb)
Accuracy +/- 10%
Resolution 0.01 ppm (10 ppb)
Display Units ppm
Response Time 10 seconds
Detection Method Electrochemical
Display Digital
Alarm Audible (Optional 12VDC Red Strobe Available)
Internal Datalogging no
Analog Outputs
4 - 20 mA,
Communication Protocol None
Temperature Range -13 to 131°F (-25 to 55°C)
Humidity Range 0 to 99%
Electrical 85 - 265 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 4.3 inches (17.8 x 17.8 x 10.9 cm)
Weight 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg)
= 5.337866 N
= 1.2 lb
= 0.544311 kg
= 544.310844 g
= 544,310.844 mg
= 19.2 oz
Supporting Documents User Manual and NIST Traceable Calibration Sheet included
Warranty 1 Years
Multi-Gas Capable no
Relays 1


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