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MK-1078: Ozone Compatible Venturi Injector

Injectors will outperform diffuser stones every time!


  • Durable kynar construction
  • Completely ozone compatible
  • Check valve included in the injection port

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MK-1078 $93.45
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This ozone venturi is excellent for ozone mass transfer. Molded Kynar & rugged construction ensure years of life. Ozone suction port quickly transfers ozone gas into water stream under pressure.


Fluid Flow Rate 8 to 28.2 GPM (30.28 to 106.75 LPM)
Fluid Connection 1 Inch MNPT
Gas Port Connection 12 Inch Barb or 12 Inch MNPT
Kynar body, PTFE ball, Kel-F seat, Hastelloy-C spring
Directional Flow yes
Max Pressure 200 PSI (14.06 Bar)
= 1,378,929.950359 Pa
= 1,378,929.950359 N/m2
= 200 PSI
= 14.060949 bar
= 407.197777 inHg
@68F (20C)
Max Temperature 200°F (93.33°C)
Warranty 6 Years
Dimensions Length: 9 in (22.9 cm) Diameter: 1.4 in (3.5 cm)
Weight 1 lbs (0.45 kg)
= 4.448222 N
= 1 lb
= 0.453592 kg
= 453.59237 g
= 453,592.37 mg
= 16 oz


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a difference between a venturi & injector?

    No. The terms venturi and injector are used interchangeably in the ozone field.

  2. Will I get a tracking number when my item ships?

    For customers who chose UPS or FedEx: a tracking number is automatically sent via e-mail before the order leaves our warehouse.

  3. Are these injectors approved for food grade installations?

    We stock Kynar (PVDF 710 material) injectors which are approved by both the FDA and NSF for food grade applications. Some models are also available in Stainless Steel.

How It Works

When pressurized water enters the injector inlet, it is constricted toward the injection chamber and changes into a high-velocity jet stream. The increase in velocity through the injection chamber results in a decrease in absolute pressure, creating a vacuum, thereby enabling an additive material to be drawn through the suction port and entrained into the water stream. As the jet stream is diffused toward the injector outlet, its velocity is reduced and it is reconverted into lower pressure energy.
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