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Ozone Injection Devices

Getting ozone into water requires some type of mechanical force. Find the equipment and information you need to get ozone into water efficiently.

Ceramic Diffusers

Ozone Supplies' fine-pore diffusers are used specifically for ozone applications. They come in several sizes to accommodate your reaction vessel & flowrate. Glass-bonded diffusers & Kynar (or SS) material ensure long life in ozone rich environments.

Heavy Duty Porous Diffuser

Stainless Steel Diffusers with a 20 micron pore size. Sintered stainless steel is welded to the end camp and pipe thread connection to offer a durable and effective ozone diffuser.

Porous PTFE Diffuser

The PT-12 is a 12-in long porous PTFE diffuser that comes equipped with a 1/4-in kynar barb fitting. This diffuser will not collect particles and clog up due to it's PTFE build.


Ozone Injectors

Ozone injectors/venturis provide simple and efficient ozone injection into water. Made from PVDF 710 material which is approved by both the FDA and NSF for food grade applications.

Static Mixers

Static Mixers for Ozone Applications

Static mixers dramatically improve the ozone mass transfer performance. Static mixers shear ozone bubbles apart resulting in a 22x increase in the surface area and contact time.

Flash Reactors

Ozone Compatible Flash Reactor

These Flash Reactors are high flow reactors that are corrosion and ozone resistant. These products can replace a diffuser by mixing the ozone into the water right in the pipe, reducing materials, maintenance, and overall cost.

Injection Systems

OSW-10 Injection System

Ozone will be very efficiently introduced into the water since it can handle up to 50 PSI of operating pressure. Very good mass transfer will be realized, all undissolved gas will be off gassed through degassing vent.

MIS-10 Injection Skid System

This product is similar but a step above the OSW-10. This product features a S.S. 15 gallon contact tank, and offers you other optional components as well which can be integrated on the skid!


The sinkzone is designed to sanitize the water at a point of use, hence the name. Two models are available, as well as some options.
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