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C-30EE: C-30ZX in an Enclosure

C-30ZX Ozone Monitor mounted in an Environmental Enclosure


  • Protected from Dust, Dripping Water, etc.
  • Rugged construction made of tough polycarbonate
  • Clear polycarbonate, gasketed cover
  • Consider: Wall-Mount. Range: 0 - 0.14 ppm. Display: LED. Alarm: Audible. Outputs: Multiple

(See Full Specifications)

C-30EE $915.00
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add International Plug Adapter for $30.00 (More Info)
add Heated Enclosure for $329.00 (More Info)
add DL-2 Datalogger Kit 4-20mA for $420.00 (More Info)
add RAP-2 Strobe/Alarm for $500.00 (More Info)
add R-25 Control Relay for $367.50 (More Info)


The C-30ZX, mounted in the EE-2 Enclosure, will allow this sensor to be placed in harsh environments while still providing accurate ozone readings.

Monitor Quick Comparison:
Portable: No
Range: 0.00-0.14 ppm
Display: LED
Alarm: Yes
Outputs: Yes
Datalogging: No
Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Optional AccessoriesDescription
International Plug Adapter220V/50Hz Power Option necessary for overseas use.
Heated EnclosureThis option includes internal Space Heater to the Environmental Enclosure (Required in condensing environments)
DL-2 Datalogger Kit $-20mAThe DL-2 Datalogger easily stores up to 43,000 datapoints! Data is instantly & quickly transferred to the computer with included USB Cable & Windows XP compatible software.
RAP-2 Strobe/Alarm The RAP-2 Remote Alarm Panel is for alarming when signals from ozone monitors or an ozone sensor reaches a preset limit or set-point.
R-25 Control Relay R-25 Relay provides the heavy duty relay necessary for ozone generator or alarm control when using an Eco-Sensors ozone sensor.


Range 0.02 - 0.14 ppm (20 - 140 ppb)
Accuracy +/- 20%
Resolution 0.01 ppm (10 ppb)
Display Units None
Response Time 10 seconds
Detection Method HMOS
Display Bargraph
Alarm Audible and Visual Audible and Visual
Internal Datalogging yes
Analog Outputs
0 - 3 VDC,
Communication Protocol None
Temperature Range 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C)
Humidity Range 0 to 80%

Native Power

12 - 30 VDC or 18 - 30 VAC at 500 mA 0.3 A

Included Option

120 VAC 60 Hz Adapter
Dimensions 5 x 7 x 3 inches (12.7 x 17.8 x 7.6 cm)
Weight 1.25 lbs (0.57 kg)
= 5.560277 N
= 1.25 lb
= 0.56699 kg
= 566.990463 g
= 566,990.4625 mg
= 20 oz
Supporting Documents User Manual and NIST Traceable Calibration Sheet included
Warranty 1 Years
Multi-Gas Capable no
Relays 1


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