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Static Mixer Action with Ozone

What happens inside a static mixer?

If you think using just a venturi injection system is good enough, think again. Venturi injectors do attain fairly good mass transfer, but using a static mixer can greatly improve your mass transfer efficiency. See the image below.

Close-up of Static Mixer Bubble Shearing Action!

(picture taken at 1 millisecond exposure time)

Static Mixer

Notice how the bubbles are sheared into much smaller bubbles as they move from left to right resulting in significantly greater ozone mass transfer than using a venturi alone. Pipe size is 1-1/2" diameter.

Static Mixer Facts

Static Mixer picture

What is a static mixer?

Static mixers are a series of geometric mixing elements fixed within a pipe, which use the energy of the flow stream to create mixing between two or more fluids or gases.

  • Static Mixer Facts
  • Target Water velocity is 5-10 ft/sec: low water velocity through the mixer results in poor bubble shearing; high water velocity results in higher pressure drop and does not significantly improve mass transfer efficiency
  • Static mixers do not require any maintenance -no moving parts!
  • Must be installed within 12-in prior to a contact tank

Determining Velocity in a Static Mixer

Static Mixer Animation

V = (Q x 0.402)/D^2

[V = Q times 0.402 divided by the Diameter squared]

Q is flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM)
D is diameter in inches
V is the velocity in feet per minute (FPM)

For the MX-Series, optimum water velocity through the static mixer must be between 5-10 feet/second.

Last Updated: July 29, 2014


The MX-1000 Static Mixer is a 1" NPT mixer with stainless steel vanes in a clear PVC housing.


The MX-500P is a 1/2" NPT mixer with PVC vanes in a clear PVC housing


A venturi injector can be used with a static mixer to inject ozone into water. We suggest the use of an injector, with the staic mixer a few feet down stream to further mix ozone into water.
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