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Ozone vs. Chlorine

Ozone versus Chlorine in Water

Action in WaterChlorineOzone
Oxidation Potential (Volts)1.362.07
Disinfection: Bacteria VirusesModerate ModerateExcellent Excellent
Environmentally FriendlyNoYes
Color RemovalModerateExcellent
Carcinogen FormationLikelyUnlikely
Organics OxidationModerateHigh
Micro flocculationNoneModerate
pH EffectVariableLowers
Water Half-Life2-3 Hours20 Min.
Operation Hazards: Skin Toxicity Inhalation ToxicityHigh HighModerate High
Implementation ComplexityLowHigh
Capitol CostLowHigh
Monthly Use CostModerate-HighLow
Air Pre-treatmentNoneExtensive

Last Updated: April 4, 2012

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