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Spice Warehouse Ozone Installation

Odor Control with Ozone

The system Ozone Solutions designed for Glendale Warehouse is a perfect example of an ozone system achieving success in odor abatement and improving a customer's bottom line.

The Problem

  • Spice Warehouse stores, packages, and distributes spices and other products
  • The spice products emanate an extremely offensive odor to the residential and industrial development located up to one block from the facility.
  • Warehouse is 230,000 square feet.
  • Ventilation of the facility is necessary to keep the indoor air quality acceptable.
  • All vented air carries an offensive odor to the local area outside the warehouse.
  • The local area is filled with other industries, housing developments, and busy roadways.
  • Complaints were coming from the local community about the odor problem.
  • The county health department was levying large fines against the warehouse for the odor.
Glendale Warehouse Inside

Glendale Warehouse Inside

Warehouse is near residential homes, apartments, schools, and a busy highway.

Ozone Solutions Used

  • Ozone gas was used within the building at low levels to maintain an odor free environment.
  • Low ozone levels (0.05 - 0.1 PPM) were maintained in the building at all times.
  • The building was made up of five individual rooms.
  • Ozone was applied to the four main areas. The last area was a sealed cooler and was not a contributor to the odor issues
  • The ozonated areas were as follows:
  • 33,000 ft2
  • 45,000 ft2
  • 60,000 ft2
  • 80,000 ft2
  • Four regulated ozone outputs were used to control the ozone level in each room.
  • Four additional ozone outputs were used to inject unregulated ozone flow into the exhaust stacks.
  • Any unused ozone flow for the rooms was diverted into the exhaust stacks. The ozone system operated at 100% capacity at all times.
  • All ozone equipment, including the air compressor, was placed on one skid for simple operation and installation.
Ozone System Inside the Warehouse

Ozone System Inside the Warehouse

Glendale Piping

Ozone Gas distribution piping placed along the ceiling of the warehouse


  • After the ozone system was implemented the odor directly next to the building was almost completely eliminated.
  • The county health department praised the spice warehouse for the amazing difference in odor emissions.
  • Due to the improved air quality inside the warehouse, the vent fans could be slowed down to recirculate less air.
  • Air quality inside the warehouse improved creating a better work environment for the employees.
  • Fines and odor complaints were completely eliminated after installation of the ozone system.

Last Updated: May 30, 2012

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