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Ozone Monitor Repair

Diagnosis and Repair for Most Brands of Ozone Monitors

When it happens that your ozone monitor no longer responds to ozone, is visibly broken, or cannot be calibrated by our staff, our Ozone Repair Services are often able to breathe life back into your product. Sometimes this is as simple as replacing the sensor itself. At other times it may require the replacement of potentiometers or other board-level components. Regardless, our product experience and vendor relations give us the ability to repair items that might stall other companies. Our services extend to both ambient air and dissolved ozone monitors.

Monitor Repair

Monitor Diagnosis - As a distributor of many ozone-related products, our facility has the capability to troubleshoot any HMOS (heated metal oxide) or GSS (gas sensitive semiconductor) ozone monitor as well as UV-based ozone analyzers. Once a diagnosis is made, we will contact you with a repair estimate so you know what the cost will be before we proceed. If you choose to not repair the unit, the only charge you will incur is a $50 diagnostic fee. If you choose to proceed with the repair, the diagnostic fee is waived and you only pay for parts and labor of the actual repair.

On-site Travel - Need help troubleshooting the monitoring system installed at your facility? On-site monitor troubleshooting, repair, or installation can be arranged! Contact us for an estimate tailored to your specific situation.

Brands Serviced:

  • Eco Sensors
  • Aeroqual
  • Armstrong
  • ThermoScientific
  • AquaSensors
  • ATI
  • 2B
  • and more!

Last Updated: July 21, 2014

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