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Ozone Injection via Venturi

A popular method for adding the ozone gas into water is through the use of Venturi Injectors. Venturi Injectors work by forcing water through a conical body. This action creates a pressure differential between the fluid inlet and outlet ports, which in turn creates a vacuum inside the injector body. This vacuum now allows the ozone gas to be added into the flowing water stream via the suction port on the injector.

Venturis require a constant pressure differential to
initiate ozone injection (15 PSI in this example).


  • Very high ozone mass transfer rate (up to 98% if pressurized, 50-70% w/out pressure)
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • More controlled & consistant over time
  • Works well in both pressurized and unpressurized fluid streams


  • Requires energy from a booster pump, or pressurized water supply to achieve the 98% transfer otherwise can give you 50-70%

Tiny air bubbles (white) can be seen mixed with the water.

Water, moving from left to right, through a conical body creates suction which pulls air/ozone into the water stream.

A very high liquid to gas ratio is required to achieve 98% mass transfer efficiency. In fact, the ratio required would
not be economical. Typical mass transfer efficiencies for Venturi Injectors are from 50-70% (without the use of pressure).

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Last Updated: December 19, 2012

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