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Ozone History

The History of Ozone

History of GRAS Status of Ozone

1840Discovered by Schönbein
1893Used as a disinfectant in drinking water
1909Used as a food preservative for cold storage of meats
1939Was found to prevent the growth of yeast & mold during the storage of fruits
1982FDA GRAS declaration for ozone use in bottled water
1995FDA GRAS for ozone use in bottled water renewed without change
1997Industry Expert Panel declares ozone GRAS and meets FDA requirements. Regulators have the option to later add control on ozone use.
1999USDA rejects an ozone use protocol for meats, cites 1982 GRAS declaration for water where FDA stated “any other use must be regulated by a Food Additive Petition.”
2000Food Additive Petition, that addresses both water and air use of ozone, under preparation. FDA estimates approval will occur within six months of submission of the Petition

Status of Ozone in the Food Industry

1982O3 declared GRAS for treatment of bottled water (Federal Register, Vol. 47, No. 113, November 5, 1982)
1997Expert panel report : Evaluation of the history and safety of ozone in processing foods for human consumption. Vol. 2 : Abstracts. Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA. R & D Enterprise, Inc. / GRAS self declaration (Federal Register, v. 62 #74, April 19, 1997)
2000FDA and USDA approval granted

EPA - Disinfection By-Product Rules (DBPR)

  • 2000 - 2004: Implementation Stage
  • Ozone is EPA listed as DBPR compliant

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