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ozone fire restoration

Ozone Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration with Ozone

Ozone Advantages

  • Works fast
  • Instant odor/smoke destruction
  • Ozonates up to 50,000 square feet
  • Safe
  • Variable control allows fine-tuning of ozone output for each application.
  • Ozone gets into spaces that other deodorizers cannot.

Nothing Works Better than Ozone!

Ozone machines can be a valuable tool for fire restoration. Ozone infiltrates carpet, furniture, ventilation ducts and cracks to destroy the smoke smell.

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Featured Products

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Ozone Solutions Ozone Generator Rental Line

  • Generators for everything from small rooms to large-scale disaster recovery
  • 3,400 to 10,000 mg/hr ozone production
  • Simple operation
  • Compact size for ozone production

High Output Shock Treatment Ozone Generators

  • Comparatively higher per-dollar ozone production
  • 200 to 20,000 mg/hr ozone production
  • Features including variable output, timer, and high flow.
  • Most generators include a four-year warranty.

Last Updated: April 16, 2012

A-21ZX Portable Ozone Sensor

The A-21ZX Ecosensor Ozone Monitor quickly measures ambient ozone levels and with a 0 - 10 PPM range it is appropriate for both ambient ozone monitoring and ozone leak detection.

S-500 Ozone Monitor

Ozone Monitor with integrated data logging records ozone levels for later viewing on a PC. 0.005-10.00 PPM range possible with the choice of 1 of 3 different ozone heads.
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