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Ozone and Laundry Systems

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Industrial Laundry

Economic Benefits

  • Chemical Savings - Ozone replaces many of the current chemicals used (Chemical savings amount to about 21%).
  • Water Savings - Less rinsing of laundry during the cycle saves water.
  • Electrical Savings - Less rinsing lowers rinse cycles reducing electrical costs.
  • Natural Gas Savings - Cold water can be used when laundering with ozone, lowering the energy necessary to heat the water (Energy savings range from 86-90%).
  • Labor Savings - Lower chemical usage lowers the necessary rinse cycles, this in turn lowers necessary labor (labor savings of 39%).

Microbiological Benefits

  • Ozone will reduce all bacteria and viruses that may be on any linens, wiping cloths, or clothing.
  • MRSA and Clostridium difficile are rapidly eradicated by ozone laundering within 3-6 minutes.
  • Reduction of cross contamination of illness has been documented in nursing home and hospital facilities using ozone laundering.

Environmental Benefits

  • Less rinse water used reduces the overall discharged water.
  • Less chemicals used in the laundering process means fewer chemicals discharged with the wastewater.
  • Lower COD levels are found in discharge water when using ozone.

Common Applications of Ozone

  • Hotels use ozone to lower costs and save money.
  • Nursing homes use ozone to reduce cross contamination of illness and infections.
  • Hospitals use ozone to reduce cross contamination of deadly diseases, improve patient health, and lower costs.
  • Coin operated laundry facilities use ozone to lower costs and provide a value added benefit to their customers.
  • Direct Injection - Ozone can be dissolved directly into the wash water as it enters the laundry machine
  • No major modifications of the current laundry machines are necessary to incorporate ozone


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