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Outdoor Skunk Odor


Identifying the Odor

Did a skunk spray its horrendous odor near the structure foundation?

  • Did the skunk spray underneath the porch?
  • Did the Skunk spray in a window well?
  • Did your pet dog or cat get sprayed somewhere else, but rubbed up against the foundation, siding, porch, door etc..?

Odor Elimination

  • Clean the external surface (concrete, vinyl siding etc..) with tomato paste, bleach and water and surprising enough (if possible) a fuel oil deodorizer (oil based).
  • Test a small area when using the bleach mixture in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Apply tomato paste as a thick layer in other words "cake it on". There are sights that say that Tomato Paste does not work. I owned a Disaster Restoration Company for 20 years and averaged one sometimes two skunk clean-ups per year. Tomato paste is a step in the process that works!
  • Let the tomato paste sit for at least 2 to 4 hours (depending on the severity) keeping it moist so it does not dry out. After the 2 to 4 hours of moist soaking then let dry thoroughly and scrape off the dry and crusty tomato paste.
  • Then apply (by spray) a mixture of at least 40% bleach/60% water or stronger and clean up left over residues and coloring.
  • If possible saturate an old rag with a Fuel oil deodorizer and apply a thin oily coating on the treated area.
  • Then rent or purchase an ozone Generator that produces a high output of ozone for the interior odor that is left in the area.
  • The length of time or the number of repeated processes needed, (using any process) for the removal of the odor can only be determined yourself.

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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