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Odor Removal Body Odor

Body Odor

Identifying the Odor

Body Odors are held in the oily film left from the skin which attaches to fabric. This oily film must be cleaned with a solvent based cleaner that will break down the oil. Water based cleaners will not work as well. Remember, in science class we all learned oil and water do not mix!

Body odor in any of the following is not a difficult odor to remove with Ozone:

  • Body Odor in Recliners
  • Body Odor in Carpeting
  • Body Odor in Mattresses
  • Body Odor in Couches
  • Body Odor in Chairs
  • Body Odor in Cars
  • Body Odor in Chairs
  • Body Odor in Church Pews
  • Body Odor in Homes
  • Body Odor in Offices
  • Body Odors in Clothes
  • Body Odors in Blankets
  • Body Odors on School Buses, and in Schools
  • Body Odors in Semi Trucks
  • Body odors in physical therapy facilities
  • Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) - A disease of bad body odor, also known as fish odor syndrome

Odor Elimination

Ozone Treatment effectively handle any Body Odor problem.

Is the Furniture Wet or Dry cleanable?

Ozone Generators vary in output and is the most powerful deodorizing answer. Call a company that rents ozone equipment and ask for the correct size needed for your situation.

  • Spray the piece of furniture down with the proper cleaning agent, water based or dry clean based. The cleaning instructions, usually on the label of the furniture item, should be attached somewhere underneath or in some less visible area The wet clean or dry cleaning agent allows the pre-soaking process to simplify the next step.
  • Allow the pre-soaking process ample time, approximately a half hour. Then clean with a Deep extraction upholstery machine with hot water, or a dry cleaning machine, using a solvent based cleaner.If the dry clean process is needed, we would recommend contacting your local upholstery cleaning professional. They more than likely own the proper equipment to handle this process.
  • Repeat as necessary, but always staying alert of the condition of the fabric.
  • After the cleaning process is finished and is completely dry, evaluate the severity of the odor. If the odor is still present but still not as good smelling as when newly purchased, rent an ozone generator. Now that the body oils, which previously held the odor is cleaned away, the odor might still be trapped in areas that was not possible to get cleaned in that cleaning process. Call an ozone generator company that will rent and discuss the size needed for your situation.
  • Ozone Deodorizing Preparation: Purchase, rent or borrow a large enough plastic tarp to cover the furniture item completely to where there is extra plastic tarp laying on the floor all the way around the furniture item. Place half of the ozone generator (the end where the ozone comes out of the generator) under the plastic tarp in order that the ozone generator can take in fresh air. Make sure that the plastic is flush with the floor to prevent any ozone escaping into the rest of the room or atmosphere.
  • Non-Soiled fabric or hypersensitive fabrics with Body odor - These fabrics or situations may just need a deep down deodorizing with ozone, without having to apply cleaning agents or cleaning techniques. Use the same process above for this situation also.

Last Updated: July 29, 2014

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