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Metz Farms Ozone Installation

Odor Control with Ozone

The Problem

  • 10,000-head hog facility in St. Marie de Kent, New Brunswick Canada
  • The building is 110,000 square feet (2.5 acres!).
  • Odor from this building could be detected up to 3.5 Miles (6 km) away.
  • Odor complaints were common. Local communities were attempting to shut down this facility due to the offensive odors.
  • Odor control options were limited as this facility was already constructed and in operation.
  • As residential communities have grown closer to the farm over time, odor complaints have increased.
Hog Facility

Front View of the Hog Facility

Hog Facility Side

Full View of the Hog Facility

Ozone Solutions Used

  • Ozone gas was used within the building at low levels to maintain an odor free environment.
  • Low ozone levels (0.05 - 0.1 PPM) were maintained in the building at all times.
  • The building was made up of 15 individual rooms. The ozone level in each room was controlled independently.
  • One 160 g/hr ozone generation system was used to control odor.
  • Manual flow meters controlled ozone flow to each room.
  • Ozone concentration could be adjusted with adjustable-output ozone generators.
  • Ozone generation system was placed within a dedicated, environmentally-controlled room.
Metz Monitor

Ozone monitors were used for safety and ozone-level control.

Metz Feedgas

Air compressor, oxygen concentrator and window air conditioner are visible in the equipment room.

Metz Distribution

Ozone Distribution System: Ozone line is connected to the distribution pipe. A fan pushes ozone and air throughout the room.


  • Odor emissions from the active Hog facility were reduced by over 75%.
  • Odor emissions were reduced sufficiently to allow the continued operation of this agricultural facility.
  • After installation of the ozone system odor was not detected beyond the property line (300 ft or less from the building). A complete success!

Other Benefits

Commonly, when installing ozone systems we are presented with many additional and sometimes unanticipated benefits.

  • Workers were presented with a better work environment (Happier employees!).
  • Feed consumption per hog was reduced.
  • Average daily weight gain per hog was increased.
  • A drop in mortality rate was realized.
  • An overall higher health herd was achieved, resulting in a higher return per hog space.
  • Increased general air-quality due to less dust particles in the air.

Last Updated: May 30, 2012

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