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Importance of Dry Feedgas for Ozone Generation

The moisture level of feed-gas to a corona-discharge-based ozone generator is directly related to the ozone output. More moisture equals lower ozone output. See the chart below:

Relative Ozone Output vs. Air Dewpoint

dry air ozone output

Relative ozone output decreases as the dew point increases.

Critical to all corona discharge ozone systems is proper air preparation. Because the presence of moisture affects ozone production and leads to the formation of nitric acid, the gas feeding the ozone generator must be very dry (minimum -60 degrees F). Nitric acid is very corrosive to critical internal parts of a corona-discharge-based ozone generator, can cause premature failure, and will increase the frequency of required maintenance. Make sure you have reliable air drying equipment.

Last Updated: July 29, 2014


The V-10 Air Dryer is a vacuum driven heat regenerative air dryer capable of 10 LPM of air dried to a -60-deg Dew Point.


The MI-1 can be used inline with many applications to indicate the quality of your air and provide a quick visual indication to the moisture level in your feed-gas supply.
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