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How to Read Injector Charts

Injector charts can be confusing because of the multiple columns and unfamiliar terms. This is a quick lesson on how to interpret injector charts to determine which model will work for your ozone application.

Example Ozone Injector / Venturi

ozone injector example

Water flows from left to right; ozone is introduced into the middle.

Below is a chart for a very popular ozone injector. The injector is capable of injecting both liquids and gases. For ozone, we can completely ignore the third and fourth columns because they apply to liquid suction only.

injector chart example


A pump delivering 18 GPM @ 15 PSI can inject a maximum of 20 SCFH (10 lpm) of air if 7 PSI of back pressure exists

If more suction is needed, two options exist: Increase the size of the pump, or decrease injector outlet pressure by increasing the diameter of the pipe, reducing the number of elbows or lowering the height the delivered water.

psig = pounds per square inch gauge
gpm = gallons per minute
scfh = standard cubic feet per hour

The first column is the injector inlet pressure, which is the pressure provided from a pump. The 2nd column is the injector outlet pressure, which is the pressure exerted on the injector outlet from delivering the water where it needs to go. The next column called MOTIVE FLOW states the flow rate of water going through the injector. The last column called AIR SUCTION lists the amount of air, or ozone, that can be sucked into the water stream. As can be seen from the chart, as injector outlet pressure (2) increases, injector suction decreases (6). This is true even though the motive flow (5) stays relatively constant.

Note: The terms "venturi" and "injector" are used synonymously in the ozone industry.

Handy comparison chart for venturi injectors

This chart will provide an easy reference with all venturi performance charts compared to each-other.

Last Updated: September 1, 2012


MK-1078 is a 1" NPT Venturi Injector


MK-1583 Injector is a 1.5" Venturi Injector


The use of a static mixer will improve the efficiency of a venturi injector in many applications.
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