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Gasoline Odor from Spills

Jerry Can

Identifying the Odor

Transporting gasoline without spill protection causes problems.

  • Can you pin point where there might be a stronger odor in the carpet or fabric seats than any other area?
  • Did the gas can vibrate during transportation which splattered in different areas?
  • Is there a leak in a gas line that is spraying the bottom side of the vehicle?
  • Was there a gas spill in the trunk that is lingering into the cab area?
  • Is there something in the trunk that has a gas, some type of petroleum film or residue on it?

Odor Elimination

Gasoline in the carpet emits an odor that might be difficult, but can be defeated with ozone after the process of cleaning takes place.

  • If possible, pull up the carpet to treat the pad or soak up and clean the metal.
  • Rub Baking Soda (with fingers or small brush) into the backing of the carpet. Let it absorb for at-least 30 min.
  • Vacuum off baking soda and replace back into position on the auto's floor
  • Now apply the baking soda with your fingers or small brush. Brush lightly, and do not brush in one area more than 3 light Strokes.
  • Again, let absorb for at-least 30 min.
  • More than likely the odor needs to be addressed, now that the excess is gone. An ozone generator can be rented or purchased for the air and other fabrics to be deodorized and freshened up.
  • If the fabric is very soiled, Steam cleaning will help tremendously after these processes are complete
  • Diesel fuel will need a type of solvent cleaning agent.

Last Updated: July 29, 2014

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