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Decayed Meats

Identifying the Odor

Decayed Meats in a home/building is a horrendous odor that is easy to remove with Ozone once the source is removed.

  • Did liquid, blood or water leak onto the flooring of the carpet or wood floor?
  • Did the Refrigerator/Freezer loose electricity and now has liquid from the thawing meat on the bottom shelf or leaked internally into the insulation?

Odor Elimination

Eliminating the rancid decayed meat odor might or might not be a drawn out process!

  • If the liquid blood or water leaked on to the carpet or wood floor the carpet needs to be taken up, and cleaned underneath.
  • Before the next two steps, of the wood floor treatment and the carpet pad replacing process is complete, the carpeting needs to be deep down shampoo extracted with deodorizer on both sides preventing any liquid blood or water to transfer into the new pad and treated wood flooring/underlayment.
  • Before replacing the pad, the wood floor or underlayment needs to be sanded and sealed with a polyurethane coating to seal in any odor that might be trapped in any wood fibers.
  • If there is a pad under the carpet, it should be replaced, where ever soaked and stained. Replace the pad with the same density pad as the rest, to prevent a dip or bump in the carpet.
  • When the carpet is completely dry, evaluate the carpet again for odor and stain. Repeat the shampooing process until satisfaction is reached. If satisfaction is not reached within five times, You might have to consider a different cleaning agent or replacement of the carpet.
  • If the liquid blood or odor filled water is confined to the fridge/freezer, the fridge/freezer needs to be moved on to a hard surface, preferably protected underneath with plastic or tarp, to prevent any other soaking into the flooring surface. Once the liquid or dried liquid blood has been removed, an ozone generator should be used.

Last Updated: May 30, 2012

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