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Removing Cooking Odors

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Identifying the Odor

An irritating odor from foods can come from burning, rotting, or just continuous use. This can be a problem when deciding to sell your home or business structure, and people who have allergies or are extremely sensitive. The list could be endless!

  • On top of the stove left on high?
  • In the oven left to long?
  • In the freezer/fridge left unplugged?
  • Tipped over dairy product in the vehicle and left in the sun?
  • Left in cupboard, left to grow mold?
  • Deep fat fryer oil odor
  • Bacon odor
  • Roast odors
  • Ham odor
  • Cilantro odor
  • Garlic odor
  • Fried Food Odor
  • Curry Odor
  • Egg Odors
  • Cheese Odors
  • Burnt Casserole
  • Ethnic Food Odor

Odor Elimination

Kitchen Odor

Ozone Treatment will effectively handle cooking odors of all types. Deodorizing the cooking odors with Ozone is a guarantee. The main factors for success in deodorizing food odors is the severity of the odor, the amount of output the Ozone machine can generate, the total square footage of the structure being treated, and if the natural airflow can be eliminated.

  • Wall Problem: Greasy film on the paint smeared during the cleaning process, leaving an uneven paint job. Answer: Finish the cleaning process with a grease attacking cleaning agent and repaint with a stain proof resistant sealer. If no film is present the ozone at a high level will eliminate the odor.
  • Ceiling Problem: Loose Texture from an oily thick residue Answer: Scrape off the loose, and recoat the texture. Ozone the room for up to 24 hrs. Spray a thin coating of sealer and repaint. Caution: Depending on the age and strength of the texture, multiple coats of paint might be too much weight, causing the texture to loosen from the ceiling. Ozone deodorizing is the best answer.
  • Wood work, windows, and other structural items: Clean thoroughly with a grease attacking cleaning agent. If repainting is not necessary then the easy inexpensive high output ozone process will eliminate the odor best.
  • Carpeting Problem: A cooking grease film in the carpet. Answer: A Deep-down shampoo cleaning of the carpeting with a grease attacking cleaning agent. Ozone deodorizing after the cleaning process will eliminate the odors for good.
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Last Updated: July 29, 2014

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