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Controlling Ozone Levels

When you produce ozone on an industrial scale, ensuring the correct level of ozone is necessary for success and safety. By using the relay outputs of an ozone monitor, the ozone levels can be controlled in an automated manner. Ozone Solutions provides many different monitors that can act as ozone controllers (also called ozone switches).

Why Control Ozone Levels?

  1. For many applications of ozone, having the correct concentration is the difference between success and failure. By controlling the ozone levels, you can ensure that you are at the concentrations you need.
  2. Safety! High levels of ozone are dangerous to people; it is important to make sure that you have mechanisms in place to keep the ozone levels under control.
  3. Save Money -- By controlling an ozone generator with a monitor, you can turn off your generator once you have reached a given concentration of ozone. This prevents you from running your generator longer than neccessary.

Using an Ozone Monitor to Control Ozone Levels

The simplest way to control ozone levels is with the relay outputs of an ozone monitor. The majority of the ozone monitors that we sell include relay outputs. For the purpose of this paper, we will use the ES-600 ozone controller as an example. You could use many other monitors to control ozone levels (like the OS-4, SM-70, F12, etc), but the ES-600 is one of our most popular options for this application.

What You Need

There are a couple of ways to control ozone levels. The most obvious option is to turn off the generator. This can be accomplished by hooking up the ozone generator to the relay outputs of the ES-600. If the power requirements of the generator exceed the ES-600's relays, you will need a power relay to place in between the generator and monitor relays. The R-25 Power Relay on our website is a combination power relay and outlet that would work well. Another option is to have the relays turn on an exhaust fan once the levels reach a certain level. Depending on your needs, you could even do both at once. Finally, you can also have your monitor set off audible or visual alarms to alert personal to the ozone levels. Depending on your needs, you may need to purchase alarms, exhaust fans, or a power relay. If you wish, you can also log the ozone level data to a computer. You will, of course, need an ozone generator and an ozone monitor.

Control That Ozone!

Below is a sample diagram for the ES-600. Please keep in mind that this is only a sample to give you ideas. You will have to wire your setup in a way that will work for your specific monitor, generator, and application. If you need assistance in this process, we are always happy to help. Just give our monitor department a call at (712) 439-6880.

ES-600 Wire Diagram

Relay Outputs on the ES-600

ES-600 Relay Outputs

Last Updated: June 6, 2014

ES-600 Ozone Controller

The example in this paper, the ES-600 is a great monitor for controlling all kinds of ozone equipment. It has relay outputs, remote sensor ability, alarm options, and a digital display.


While it isn't as flexible as the ES-600 or F12, the C-30ZX has a relay output that can be used to control ozone levels.

R-25 Power Relay

The R-25 power relay is perfect for placing between an ozone generator and an ozone monitor.
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