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Identifying the Odor

The carpet has a musty odor to it. The moldy backing of the carpet might be from urine or an unattended water damage. The carpet is in to good of condition to rip out and throw away.

Carpet Cleaner
  • Is there any visible growth of mold in the carpet edges?
  • Is there a musty odor when laying on the carpet?
  • Was there a lot of pet or child urine problems at one time?
  • Was there a large amount of liquid spilled on the carpeting at one time?
  • Does the carpeting have padding underneath?
  • Did you clean up & dry up the water soon after the occurrence?
  • Did you have any leaky pipes, winter snow or hard rain that came up through the basement floor?

Odor Elimination

Ozone Unit
  • If its a tacked down carpet pull up the carpet gently around the edges, so the carpet does not rip. This might take a while, but its better than buying new carpet.
  • If there are any metal pieces in the doorways just pry the top layer of metal with a wide flat screw driver, leaving the bottom layer tacked down yet.
  • Be careful not to spread the metal to far apart, as the metal might split. If a hammer must be used to tap the screw driver in-between the openings, just be very careful.
  • Cleaning the backing of the carpet is very important.
  • Remove all visible mold- if any, in the stained areas, by using a liquid mixture of mold and mildew inhibitor & carpet cleaning detergent in a carpet cleaning machine.
  • If the pad has been stained cut out that area and check the underlayment. If the underlayment is stained then it should be sanded and sealed with a poly-urethane.
  • Now replace the pad with new of the same thickness.
  • Use a ozone generator and a fan to spread the ozone. Place these at the edge of the carpet blowing toward the problem area not directly underneath. This process kills any existing air-born mold spores, mold spores (SURFACE ONLY) and oxygen(02)odor spores. Keep in mind that Ozone will not penetrate hard or dense porous surfaces well enough to kill all the spores present. So cleaning with a mold and mildew inhibitor added is necessary for thorough penetration.
  • Make sure the backing is dry, before laying the carpet back down.
  • Ozone is the best answer for deodorizing and killing contaminated spores.
Ozone Unit

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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