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Waterzone IS

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The WATERZONE IS ozone generation and injection system is designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line. The WATERZONE IS ozone injection systems offer a turn-key ozone system with reliability and performance you can trust. Optional Equipment can be added to each of the systems for easy customization to fit your needs.

What makes the WATERZONE IS different?

The WATERZONE IS systems contain a Water Cooled Ozone Generator, so an integrated Water Chiller is included on the skid.

  • 150-600 g/hr ozone production
  • Produces ozone from integrated Oxygen Concentrator
  • Automatic operation-one touch start up and shut down
  • Designed to provide high dissolved ozone levels
  • Easy and simple installation
  • High efficiency will excellent mass transfer of ozone
  • Contains a Water Cooled Ozone Generator with closed loop water chiller
  • 300 GPM water flows

Standard WATERZONE IS Ozone Injection System Sizes

ModelOzone OutputOzone Dosage RatesMax Flow RateTank
Waterzone IS-150150 g/hr2.2 PPM @ 300 GPM – 4.4 PPM @ 150 GPM300 GPM140 Gallon
Waterzone IS-300300 g/hr4.4 PPM @ 300 GPM – 8.8 PPM @ 150 GPM300 GPM140 Gallon
Waterzone IS-450450 g/hr6.6 PPM @ 300 GPM – 13.2 PPM @ 150 GPM300 GPM140 Gallon
Waterzone IS-600600 g/hr8.8 PPM @ 300 GPM – 17.6 PPM @ 150 GPM300 GPM140 Gallon
Optional EquipmentDescription
AS-500 Dissolved Ozone MonitorMonitors and controls ozone level in the water (ppm)
ORP MeterMonitors ORP level in water, will also control ozone level with indirect reading
Remote Ambient Ozone MonitorMonitors ozone levels near water point of use for safety purposes
Ozone Destruct UnitDestroys all undissolved ozone form the contact tank and includes water trap
50 Hz PowerNecessary for overseas use

* Other options and larger systems available.
** The above specifications are contingent upon near perfect conditions (transfer efficiency above 85%, water pH neutral, clean & chlorine free water, etc.)

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