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The TG ozone generators are microprocessor controlled, ozone generators that will operate under almost any pressure and flow, while tuning themselves for optimum performance.

  • Adjustable electrical potentiometer 0-100%
  • 10-80 PSI capabilities
  • Low oxygen demand for ozone output
  • Microprocessor features safety protections
  • Can integrate with PLC or computers (option)
  • 19” rack or wall mount
  • Available for rent or purchase

Standard TG Ozone Generator Sizes

ModelMax Rated Ozone OutputRated Oxygen FlowOzone ProductionCoolingPower Consumption
TG-1010 g/hr0-10 LPM10 g/hr at 4.5% from 3 LPM oxygenAir150 watts
TG-2020 g/hr0-10 LPM20 g/hr at 5% from 5 LPM oxygenAir300 watts
TG-4040 g/hr0-20 LPM40 g/hr at 4.7% from 10 LPM oxygen, 30 g/hr at 6% from 6 LPM oxygenAir400 watts
TG-7575 g/hr0-15 LPM60 g/hr at 8.2% from 10 LPM oxygen, 75 g/hr at 5.8% from 15 LPM oxygenWater600 watts
TG-150150 g/hr0-30 LPM150 g/hr at 5.8% from 30 LPM oxygen, 70 g/hr at 8.2% from 10 LPM oxygenWater1200 watts
TG-300300 g/hr0-60 LPM300 g/hr at 5.8% from 60 LPM oxygen, 140 g/hr at 8.2% from 30 LPM oxygenWater2400 watts
TG-450450 g/hr0-90 LPM450 g/hr at 5.8% from 90 LPM oxygen, 290 g/hr at 7.5% from 45 LPM oxygenWater3600 watts
TG-600600 g/hr0-120 LPM600 g/hr at 5.8% from 120 LPM of oxygen, 390 g/hr at 7.5% from 60 LPM of oxygenWater4800 watts
Optional AccessoriesDescription
Flowmeter0-10 LPM, 0-20 LPM Acrylic Flowmeter or High Accuracy 0-10 LPM Aluminum Flowmeter (which is best for precise flow control).
Pressure Gauge0-30PSI or 0-60 PSI that displays corona cell pressure.
Input4-20 mA Input or 0-10 Volt Input allows you to control the generator output remotely.


Performance Sheets


TG-10 Performance Chart


TG-20 Performance Chart


TG-40 Performance Chart


Performance of the TG-75 Ozone


TG-150 Ozone Generator


300 gramhour ozone generator


450 gramhour ozone generator


TG-600 Performance Chart
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