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RMT Remediation Trailer

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Rental Systems May Be Available

Trailer mounted groundwater remediation systems are built to your specifications. These systems are portable, reliable, and simple to use systems for your remediation project.

All RMT REMEDIATION trailers are built with Ozone Generators that operate at oxygen pressures up to 50 PSI. This ensures no re-compression of the ozone gas. The benefits of this system are less moving parts, more ozone delivery, and a lower cost system.

  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Modular – allows for easy expansion
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Customizable to specifications
  • Rental system available
  • Remote monitoring and control possible

Pump & Treat Systems also available

Standard RMT REMEDIATION System Sizes

We offer sizes from 20 g/hr to 5000 g/hr with a minimum of 1 and no maximum number of outputs. Dimensions are dependent on system requirements.

Optional EquipmentDescription
Well OutputsNo minimum or maximum number of well outputs
Well TimePLC controlled with HMI, Each well is individually controlled
Max Well TimeEach well can run up to 24 hours
InterfaceTouchscreen PLC
Corona Cell PressureCorona cells can handle up to 80 PSI of pressure
Air ConditionedCustomized based on ozone level
Individual Well ControlEach well has an adjustable flowmeter & pressure gauge
Flow ControlIndividual flow meters for each well output
PlumbingOnly stainless steel, Kynar, & PTFE (Absolutely no PVC)
Ozone SensorDetects ozone leaks and shuts down system
Dew Point SensorDetects dew point of dry air to protect the O2 concentrator and O3 generator
Relative Humidity SensorMonitors humidity of ambient air to protect the air dryer
Temperature SensorMonitors temperature inside the trailer to protect all equipment
Pressure Sensor #1Ensures incoming pressure is sufficient
Pressure Sensor #2Ensures oxygen pressure is sufficient

* Other options and larger systems available.
** The above specifications are contingent upon near perfect conditions (transfer efficiency above 85%, water pH neutral, clean & chlorine free water, etc.)

Pump & Treat Systems also available

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