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Twin-Capacity Bag Liquid Vessels (GBFV82)

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GBFV82 Series Twin-Capacity Bag Vessels are designed to meet and/or exceed nearly all application requirements. The V-ring design provides a positive snap-fit to ensure against by-pass and deliver clean effluent. Vessels offer the flow and loading capacity of a multibag vessel at a more economical cost.


  • 304 & 316 stainless steel construction
  • 150 PSI pressure rating standard
  • Snap-fit V-ring bag seal design
  • Single o-ring seal (Buna standard)
  • Two identical GBFV830 vessels working in tandem
  • Adjustable tripod mounting/support leg assemblies
  • High flow rates and loading capacity at low pressure drops
  • Stainless steel perforated support baskets (9/64” perf. standard)
  • Two easy-access eye-nut/swing-bolt closures with single handle
  • RF Flanged inlet/outlet connections (same side and opposite side options available)


  • ASME Code Stamp
  • Electropolish
  • Mesh-lined Baskets
  • Alternate Seal Materials (EPDM, Viton, Silicone)

Flow Rate

Bag SizeBesket DepthEFA (ft2)Max Flow Rate (GPM)*

* Max flow rate is the maximum flow rate recommended through the vessel without a filter bag installed (using water). Any increase in viscosity and/or the installation of filter bags will reduce these flow rates significantly. Please refer to the sizing chart or consult with Ozone Solutions when sizing these vessels.

Vessel Options

Basket DepthInlet/Outlet SizeInlet/OutletOutletMaterialPressure RatingSurface FinishASME Code Stamp
#2 Size3"RF FlangeOpposite Side Outlet304 SS150 PSI @ 250°FGlass Bead PolishNone
4"Same Side Outlet316 SSElectropolishASME

DISCLAIMER: Filtration data presented is representative of performance observed in controlled laboratory testing. It is not given as a warranty, specification or statement of fitness for use. Specific performance can vary widely depending on contaminant type, fluid properties, flow rates and environmental conditions. It is recommended that users conduct thorough qualification testing to assure the product functions as required.

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