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Ozone is a very strong disinfectant that can replace other harsh products used for the sanitation needs of the beer and wine industries. Ozone offers a safer, less costly, and more effective solution compared to traditional chemical solutions. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology is ideal for a wide variety of industry applications including CIP (Clean in Place) systems, odor control, bottle washing, and sanitation of surfaces and barrels.

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The Ozone Solutions system worked great. It improved quality, but even more importantly it killed everything that wasn't supposed to be on the fruit.
Ray Habelman Brothers
Tomah, WI
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Ozone Benefits for Wine & Beer

  • Ozone o ers the highest quality sanitization.
  • Reduces sanitization time.
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Decreased chemical use by using safely produced natural ozone gas.
  • Easy-to-use integration.
  • Ozone systems are the world’s most powerful cleaning process.
  • Ozone kills microbes 3000 times faster than weaker oxidizers like chlorine, but it decomposes naturally into oxygen without any harmful disinfection by-productsThe
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