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The use of ozone for surface sanitation is one of the best processes we have to offer. Not only can ozone be used to sanitize the surfaces of your facility and equipment, but it can also be used to disinfect the surfaces of your products, produces, and meats. You can properly sanitize your surfaces with both gas and aqueous ozone. It is most effect, when using just gas, to shock treat your facility. This will not remove all contaminants, but will drastically reduce them. We also provide ozone injection systems that dissolve ozone into water for you to utilize and spray on any surfaces needing to be disinfected. Ozone Solutions' products are heavily used for this purpose throughout the world and can be easily incorporated into your current processes.

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Ozone Benefits for Surface Sanitation

  • Ozone has no residuals or by-products that could alter flavors of a beverage or other product.
  • Ozone sanitation may replace hot water cycles, lowering energy costs.
  • Chemicals like chlorine or other sanitizers can be eliminated, saving cost and labor in handling/transporting chemicals.
  • Rinse/cleaning cycles can be combined using ozone; saving water and time. This may allow for more processing time, due to a shorter cycle time.



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