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For decades now, semiconductor industry researchers have investigated the use of ozone for wafer-cleaning and resist-stripping applications. To lower chemical consumption and disposal costs as well as to improve cleaning efficiency, ozone has been used as an alternative to traditional cleans using basic (SC-1) and acidic (SC-2) hydrogen peroxide mixtures. It is effective because of the multiple influences exerted by the disinfecting activity of ozone and ozone-derived oxidizing species such as OH radicals. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology can be used to clean wafers; eliminate organics, metals, and particles; remove photoresist; and disinfect DI-water facilities.

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I just wanted to mention how happy I have been with your company's customer service. No matter who I, or my students, speak with, Ozone Solutions always surpasses my expectations. Well done.
Michael V
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Ozone Benefits for Semiconductor Production

  • Less expensive cleaning process
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Superior, or at least equivalent, performance compared to the conventional SPM/RCA process
  • Can be implemented onto existing production tools without major modifications
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