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Ozone is considered, from an ecological point of view, to be the best candidate for the bleaching of both hardwood and softwood pulp by replacement of chlorine, in a combination-competition approach with other bleaching chemicals, such as chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, and per-acetic acid. Ozone is used, either on High-Consistency pulps (HC), containing 30 to 40% dry solids, or on Medium-Consistency pulp (MC), with 10 to 12% dry solids. In each case, the process of mixing the gas with the pulp is the key factor. Pulp bleaching is the largest source of pollution in pulp mills wastewaters, generating suspended solids, COD, BOD, AOX, and other specific toxic compounds. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology can be applied to not only the bleaching process, but as a single treatment step downstream of a conventional biological treatment or combined with a complementary biological treatment to solve problems remaining after conventional Pulp & Paper wastewater treatment.

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I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your company for your guidance and your support during our time of crisis this past year with regard to our odor issues with the Department of Health and the local community.
The ozone system you have designed and installed on our behalf has solved our odor problems, such that we have not received one complaint and/or fine since the installation has been completed in September of 2009.
Furthermore, the system you have installed not only eliminated the odors emanating from our building to the surrounding community, but has also significantly improved the air quality within our premises due to the large volumes of spices stored in our warehouse.
Frank Collette, President of Glendale Warehouse and Dist Corp
Edison, NJ
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Ozone Benefits for Pulp & Paper

  • Mechanical properties are not affected
  • Higher bulk, higher opacity of the paper
  • Yellowing is reduced, less brightness reversion
  • Improved drainage, speed on the machine
  • No formation of harmful by-products
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