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Ozone has become known as a major health benefit to swimming pool users. Chlorine-free pools have been in operation for several decades in Europe. Ozone is an effective disinfectant killing bacteria, viruses, spores, mold, and algae. Ozone can be used alone to treat pools and spas or can be combined with sodium bromine to provide a residual in pools that are not continuously recirculated. By treating water with ozone, the biodegradation of natural organic matter (NOM) is increased. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology provides all of the necessary ozonation power to purify, oxygenate, and sanitize swimming pools, Jacuzzis, ponds, and waterparks.

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How refreshing. A company of integrity. You are the kind of company I chose to do business with and I will support you in your efforts in business.
Thank you for showing yourself.
Bill Techware USA, Inc
Sedona, AZ
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Ozone Benefits for Pools, Waterparks, & Spas

  • Broad spectrum pool sanitation
  • 3000x stronger than Chlorine
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