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Clean ozonated water improves water consumption, animal growth, and reproduction while lowering the number of illnesses and deaths. Ozone dissolved in cold water destroys organic matter such as bacteria and viruses. There is no need for thermal energy or chemicals, resulting in no residuals. Ozone also oxidizes minerals allowing them to be removed from the water. Using ozone to improve the air quality within facilities has proven to be a cost-savings to many producers. This improved air quality reduces or eliminates the pathogens and bacteria, and keeps the livestock healthier. In turn, it also improves their quality of living and decreases harmful behaviors. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology has been proven to be the best product on the market for the livestock industry. The benefits to the producer and the animals will only continue to increase.

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We are experiencing a marked difference in the comfort levels of both ourselves and our animals in the barn. Our employees continue to remark on how much more they enjoy working in the barn with the new system and can tell immediately if it turns off for any reason. Our animals are also performing better.
Hans Kristensen, GM, Metz Farms Ltd
New Canaan, NB, Canada
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Ozone Benefits for Livestock

  • Clean drinking water (Removal of bacteria and poor tastes from minerals)
  • Elimination of odors and bacteria in the air
  • Reduces the number of flies, illnesses and mortality rates
  • Wastewater treatment to reduce pathogens and odors
  • Effective surface sanitation
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