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Ozone washing increases textile life, reduces energy costs, allows faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles, and even shorter drying times. Whiter, softer, sanitized, fresh smelling, and longer lasting linens and clothes results in huge savings. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology offers a detergent, chemical, and odor free solution in areas such as households, hotels, hospitals, industrial laundry facilities, etc. Ozone allows users to achieve high quality standards without the use of hot water and chemicals, due to it being a highly effective oxidizer using only cold water.

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I just wanted to mention how happy I have been with your company's customer service. No matter who I, or my students, speak with, Ozone Solutions always surpasses my expectations. Well done.
Michael V
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Ozone Benefits for Laundry

  • Chemical Savings
  • Water Savings
  • Electrical Savings
  • Natural Gas Savings
  • Labor Savings
  • Bacterial and Viral reduction
  • Lower COD levels in discharge water
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