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The yield of any grains or feeds is hindered by mold growth, aflatoxins, vomitoxins, insects, and much more. Ozone is a chemical-free solution to these problems that will significantly reduce, or eliminate their presence to meet regulations and increase profitability. Ozone can be injected at multiple points in the process such as while in storage, within the milling process, etc. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology is a proven solution with an ROI generated from decreased chemical costs, energy savings, and increased yield.

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Ozone Solutions was extremely helpful during the engineering, planning, and building process, offering both time and cost-saving ideas to the design of the remedial system. I'm especially satisfied how easy it is to relocate to new sites thanks to the Ozone Solutions trailer unit.
Tammy Onorato, PG Operations Manager
Tampa, FL
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Ozone Benefits for Grain & Feed Remediation

  • 3000x times more powerful than Chlorine
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