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The use of ozone sanitizing in CIP (Clean in Place) systems offers many advantages across several industries. Ozone is an environmentally friendly disinfectant that leaves no residual, or by-products. Ozone is a safe sanitizer with no need for chemical storage, or handling, thus eliminating the related safety issues. The use of ozone eliminates the need of hot water cycles, reducing the amount of water used, and the energy costs associated with hot water. Ozone Solutions' industry leading technology can be specified to each application's needs based on the process, water flow, temperature, and an accurate water quality analysis.

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I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the excellent service that I have enjoyed receiving from you regarding my research on Hairy Hoof Wart for the last 2+ years. During this time, not only have I found you to be capable in your field, but over the course of numerous transactions, I have also found you to behonest, which is quite rare and extremely valuable in today's society.

I look forward to continuing to do business with you in the coming years.
Dr John M Buckler, DC
Three Rivers, CA
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Ozone Benefits for CIP (Clean in Place)

  • Ozone has no residuals or by-products that could alter flavors of a beverage or other product.
  • Ozone sanitation may replace hot water cycles, lowering energy costs.
  • Chemicals like chlorine or other sanitizers can be eliminated, saving cost and labor in handling/transporting chemicals.
  • CIP rinse/cleaning cycles can be combined using ozone; saving water and time. This may allow for more processing time, due to a shorter CIP cycle time.
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