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Ozonation of Odorous Air in Wastewater Treatment Plants

Authors Aslihan Kerc, Siber Serda Olmez
Published 2010
Journal Ozone: Science and Engineering
Location Volume 32 Issue 3 Pages 199 - 203
DOI Number 10.1080/01919511003792102


This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of gas scrubbing techniques for the elimination of odorous compounds in wastewater treatment plants. A pilot plant was installed and operated at Tuzla Wastewater Treatment Plant in Istanbul, Turkey for this purpose. Gas scrubbing experiments conducted using water, ozonated water, caustic and ozone injected caustic revealed different removal efficiencies. The highest and reliable hydrogen sulfide removal efficiencies were obtained in the ozone oxidation experiments.

Reprinted with Permission from Taylor & Francis and the International Ozone Association - PAG
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