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The Effect of Ozone on the Reversibility of Floc Breakage: Suspensions with High Humic Acid Content

Authors S. Sam, M.A. Yukselen, M. Zorba, J. Gregory
Published 2010
Journal Ozone: Science and Engineering
Location Volume 32 Issue 6 Pages 435 - 443
DOI Number 10.1080/01919512.2010.518112


The effects of pre-ozonation and humic acid concentration on the formation, breakup and reformation of flocs generated using aluminium sulphate and polyaluminium chloride was investigated using conventional jar test procedure and by continuous optical monitoring. Using a range of different humic acid and ozone concentrations, it was found that increasing either concentration was detrimental to floc formation, leading to reduced turbidity removal. Once ruptured, only limited regrowth of flocs occurred, indicating irreversible floc breakage. The findings showed that the use of pre-ozonation did not provide beneficial results to improve turbidity removal. Nevertheless, improved dissolved organic carbon removal was achievable.

Reprinted with Permission from Taylor & Francis and the International Ozone Association - PAG
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