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Using and Installing Greasemonkey Scripts

As a programmer, I often have need to tweak or examine little bits of a page’s HTML. Although firebug is a great tool and incredibly flexible, sometime it just doesn’t quite fit the bill. When such cases arise, greasemonkey is … Continue reading

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Why I like Firefox Better Than Google Chrome

Being a web developer, I use all the common web browsers quite heavily. I have long been a Firefox fan for many reasons, however, Google Chrome has offered some steep competition. Chrome typically launches faster, renders pages faster, and freezes … Continue reading

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Firefox Mobile to get a Speed Up?

Having used Firefox on an android phone, I have been less than impressed. Although I love Firefox, the mobile version takes forever to load and leaves my phone laggy while running. Although I have kept it installed, I only use … Continue reading

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Firefox adds www problem

Firefox for Windows has an annoying “feature” where it tacks on www to the beginning of websites. For example, if you type in ozonesolutions.com, it will turn it into www.ozonesolutions.com. Naturally, if you are trying to access local webservices, this … Continue reading

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