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o3ProtectedInput.js — JQuery Plugin to Protect Inputs

Today we are releasing a JQuery plugin we have written under an open source license (MIT). It is a small plugin that makes an input harder to edit. Although this may seem counter productive, it is acctually quite useful for … Continue reading

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PHP Text Color

When writing scripts to sort through large amounts of data, using color to highlight certain output values can be quite useful. If you are outputing to a browser, this is quite easy; you just use html colors (i.e. <span style=”color: … Continue reading

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Using a script to access Netsuite Report Data

So far, it seems that Netsuite Webservices has little support for fetching reports (correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t see anything in the schema browser). However, there is still an easy way to access this data. Netsuite … Continue reading

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