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Configure CUPS with CFEngine 3

I use CFEngine3 to manage several Ubuntu computers. One task I wanted to do the other day was centrally manage printers. That way, when I setup a new computer, I don’t have to worry about setting up printers. Thankfully, cups … Continue reading

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Netsuite API Raw XML Request

Recently someone asked me if I could send them a copy of the XML that gets sent back and forth when you make a Netsuite API call. This could be useful if you want to implement the Netsuite API in … Continue reading

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Netsuite API Testing Script

Although I have posted many code samples on this site, I have rarely included a fully functional script. Often login information or execution code was not included since it wasn’t relevant to the particular post. However, here is a complete … Continue reading

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o3ProtectedInput.js — JQuery Plugin to Protect Inputs

Today we are releasing a JQuery plugin we have written under an open source license (MIT). It is a small plugin that makes an input harder to edit. Although this may seem counter productive, it is acctually quite useful for … Continue reading

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Changing Symfony Routing Requirements

One of my favorite features of Symfony is the routing sub-system.  It allows for very flexible routing rules.  On a project I have been working on, I have been tweaking the routing requirements in Symfony.  One really nice feature is … Continue reading

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Retrieving and Displaying Netsuite Address Information

Adam Haeder requested to see some sample code for accessing address information via the Netsuite Webservices API. So here it is:

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Jquery Validation Plugin with multiple forms

I love using the Jquery Validation plugin on my html forms. It makes frontend validation very easy and painless. However, today I noticed a strange problem, when I was pressing the submit button on a form, it was requiring fields … Continue reading

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Javascript Associative Array Empty?

I was trying to form an associative array in javascript and made the mistake of trying to form it with the following code. When I dumped the variable I found it was empty. As to be expected, this is another … Continue reading

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PHP Output Buffering (with HTML)

Over the past year I have made heavy use of PHP output buffering. Although it serves no function purpose, it can make for much more readable code; I have found it particlarly useful for outputting HTML from methods. Consider the … Continue reading

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Netsuite Webservices and Multiple Item Sales Orders

By request, here is a post on creating a sales order record with Netsuite PHPToolkit with more than one item: Its not all that intuitive, but that’s Netsuite Web-services for you…

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