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Changing Symfony Routing Requirements

One of my favorite features of Symfony is the routing sub-system.  It allows for very flexible routing rules.  On a project I have been working on, I have been tweaking the routing requirements in Symfony.  One really nice feature is … Continue reading

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Allowing Slashes in a Symfony Route

Symfony routing is a wonderful tool. Recently, however, I have wanted to include a slash in a route parameter. This can seem problematic as symfony uses slashes to delimit parameters. For example, lets say I wanted the url http://www.example.com/user/john/jacob/jingleheimer/schmidt to … Continue reading

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What is a Framework?

What is a Framework? Why should I use one? Which one should I choose? Often new programmers will ask such questions. Frameworks have become important enough in software development that ignoring them would be unwise, so in this post I … Continue reading

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Symfony Framework for PHP

Our Company has been in the process of evaluating the Symfony Framework for PHP. We have written several projects using the framework some small and some larger. In this post I intend to layout some of pluses and drawbacks of … Continue reading

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