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Thoughts on Netsuite PHPToolkit v2013_1

Netsuite has released their 2013_1 version of their PHPToolkit (php library for accessing Netsuite Backend API). Since I had last looked into their toolkit, the Netsuite developers have completely rewritten their toolkit, so I thought I should mention some of … Continue reading


New Version of the PHP_ToolKit 2012.2

Netsuite has recently released a new version of their php toolkit (version 2012.2). It looks like they did a pretty big rewrite of a lot of the code. For those of you familiar with the old version of the toolkit, … Continue reading


Netsuite API Raw XML Request

Recently someone asked me if I could send them a copy of the XML that gets sent back and forth when you make a Netsuite API call. This could be useful if you want to implement the Netsuite API in … Continue reading

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Netsuite API Testing Script

Although I have posted many code samples on this site, I have rarely included a fully functional script. Often login information or execution code was not included since it wasn’t relevant to the particular post. However, here is a complete … Continue reading

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Retrieving and Displaying Netsuite Address Information

Adam Haeder requested to see some sample code for accessing address information via the Netsuite Webservices API. So here it is:

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Netsuite Webservices and Multiple Item Sales Orders

By request, here is a post on creating a sales order record with Netsuite PHPToolkit with more than one item: Its not all that intuitive, but that’s Netsuite Web-services for you…


Create/Update Netsuite Estimate via PHP

For whom it may interest, here is some more sample code for using the php toolkit to update/create Netsuite Records.

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Netsuite Create Customer/Contact

In response to a request, here is an example of creating a customer with an attached contact. It is a rather complex example including things like custom fields and error handling. I now use classes I wrote to accomplish the … Continue reading


Using a script to access Netsuite Report Data

So far, it seems that Netsuite Webservices has little support for fetching reports (correct me if I am wrong, but I didn’t see anything in the schema browser). However, there is still an easy way to access this data. Netsuite … Continue reading

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Netsuite Webservices: Can’t give access to contacts

Although I am grateful Netsuite provides an api for their webservices, there are many frustrating feature gaps in it. When looking into setting the password and giving access to contacts via the PHPToolkit, I was depressed (though not surprised) to … Continue reading