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Move Project from Subversion To Git Without History

Today I had a couple of projects that I wanted to move from a subversion repository to a Git repository (since I find it easier for branching). Since I will still have the subversion server around, I wan’t really interested … Continue reading

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Netbeans PHPUnit Code Completion

By default, Netbeans dosen’t do code completion for PHPUnit classes even though it includes support for PHPUnit. Thankfully, adding in the code completion support is very easy. Simply go to Tools>Options>PHP>General and then click “Add Folder” under the Global Include … Continue reading

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PHP Output Buffering (with HTML)

Over the past year I have made heavy use of PHP output buffering. Although it serves no function purpose, it can make for much more readable code; I have found it particlarly useful for outputting HTML from methods. Consider the … Continue reading

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Wordwrap in Netbeans

To enable the wordwrap functionality in Netbeans IDE.  Go to Tools >> Options and then click the Editor then Formatting tab.  On the “Line Wrap” drop down click “After Words.” Wordwrap is now enabled.

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